Post Number 9

 We are opening things up a little with our song selection. Today we played the classic Merle Travis song "16 Tons" (made famous by Tennessee Ernie Ford), as well as "One Meatball" by Josh White. These songs have more of a folk blues feel and attitude. Both songs are in minor keys and speak of hard times; working in coal mines and having only 15 cents, enough to buy one meatball. Sure we are ging through some hard times now, but these songs give us some perspective.

We also spent some time visiting Big Bill Broonzy songs: "Hey, Hey," "Pig Meat Strut,"...We also played a Charlie Patton tune called "Shake it, Break it" which is an interesting, almost hokum-style song.  Charlie Patton is often thought of the original King of the Delta Blues. He was recording songs 10 years before Robert Johnson came on the scene and was considered the most successful of the early blues singer/guitarists. I, personally, find Charlies Patton recordings hard to listen to: they are primitive and he has a gruff, scowling kind of vocal delivery. But, if you can get past the poor recording quality, you can hear some pretty impressive playing on many of his songs from "Pony Blues" and "High Water Every Where"...

I have updated the Lyrics and Chords page so make sure to check it out.

The Wednesday jams have been  cancelled for the time being. The Saturday jams will continue on an ongoing basis, but there will be no jam on Saturday, July 7. Thanks

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