Week 6 1/2

 Folks continue to bring in new songs which is making this fun for everyone, including me! (I will update the song list w/chords and lyrics soon). We had a fiddle join us on Saturday, which added to our ongoing list of instruments including: guitar, ukelele, bass, harmonica, washboard and mandolin. It is my hope to put some backing tracks here on this web page in the VERY near future. I had started the process this past week when my computer took a nose dive. It's in the shop (again!); and I have ordered a new (used) laptop with the software I need to record and do all of my other computer-related activities.
In addition to the Jams I am also starting a new series of 6 week classes tonight, May 3 at the Freight and Salvage. The Jams are a natural outgrowth of my guitar series "Jamming the Blues" which I have been teaching for about a year and half now at the Freight. We begin a new session tonight, starting at 7pm. If you or anybody you know might be interested send 'em down! Also, at 8:15, I will also be teaching "Fingerpicking the Blues." This was the first class I taught at the Freight and continues to be one of my favorites. And, after class, you will stull have time to make that midnight showing of " The Avengers."

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