Week 8

 Wow! lots of folks came out for some fun jams this week. We cruised through some new songs like: "Shake, Rattle and Roll," "Saturday Night Rub" and "Sitting on Top of the World." We were joined by washboard, slide guitar, resonator guitar, harmonica, bass, ukelele, keyboards (yes, The Freight and Salvage has a couple of keyboards for our use) and the cojon. On Saturday we had a dozen jammers! More importantly, with that many people, I could actually hear eveybody playing. Folks were very conscientious: listening to each other play and blending their own instrument into the overall mix. Its hard to get seasoned players to do that!
Several people have brought in songs to play, which is great! A couple of requests when you brings songs to the jam: 1) Make sure you can play the song and sing it. 2) Chord Charts should be done in this manner: /E/B7/A/A/E/B7/A7B7/E/    the slashes indicate a full measure, 4 beats. when you see two chords between the slashes each chord gets two beats. Its important to have a clear handle on the rhythm and understand when the changes occur. If I am not familiar with the song I can only guess at the timing. Thanks.

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